Filmed May 25, 2020 ; 9:29 AM
17°49’S, 149°85’W – Opunohu Bay, Moorea

Trying something a little different on The Seanic Route today. Check out this video where Captain Dave shares how we make freshwater out of sea water on Amazing Grace!

-Kristen Pankratz
First mate, Amazing Grace

TLDW: Our magic blue pox makes freshwater out of sea water.

9 thoughts on “WATER YOU DRINKING?

  1. Wow, there are so many things I haven’t even thought of that you guys have to cover on the boat– simple as fresh water! That is a cool process, how you have to have just the right pressure from the Rainman to feed the osmotic membranes. Right up Dave and Anne’s ChE alley 🙂

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  2. Great presentation! Thank you for sharing. I remember Anne saying that you guys had to tack to get the boat down on the port side so that the intake pipe was down in the water to suck up the sea water. That is really cool technology (and wish I could have something like that to water our lawn and garden to cut down on our water bill..) Keep the videos coming!! Miss you guys!


    1. Yes!! Right now since it is stowed on the port side we have to be flat in pretty calm seas or on a port tack to make water on passage. It can harm the water maker to let it suck in too much air.
      One day we’ll get you out here to drink some of our perfect fresh water!! 😉


  3. Very cool. Also pretty cool that ABC picked up your story. I’m glad you guys are doing well. Prayers ongoing!


  4. Thanks for the video. I’m enjoying all the posts and adventures.
    Truth be told, I’m envious of the experiences you are having and the opportunity to do it as a family.

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