7 thoughts on “HEAVEN ON EARTH

  1. Happy to hear that all is well with your crew and enjoying the vision you have presented of your wonderful travels! Stay safe and happy sailing! Blessings to you and your fellow travelers.. 🙏

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  2. We have been up camping in the UP for a couple weeks so we had virtually no connectivity. Therefore, I had fallen behind on the blog posts. It was great to read the last four or five posts and catch up. Plus two new strange authors! Good to hear from you all and see all the beautiful pictures. What an amazing adventure!

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  3. So wonderful to read of the villagers along your way and how you interact with them… Of course, the Pankratz family is one of the friendliest groups of people I know — so no surprise you would be welcomed wherever you went!! 🙂. Thank you for sharing the adventure.

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