October 29, 2020 ; 11:33 AM
17°75’S, 177°44’E – NADI AIRPORT, Fiji

As we wrap up our journey, we’re spending a lot of time talking about the incredible places we’ve been (and the place’s we’ll go). Although I can’t pretend I’m not gutted that we’re not setting sail from Mauritius to Reunion today as was the plan, we are so incredibly blessed by all the experiences we had instead. This was truly the adventure of a lifetime, and Amazing Grace will continue on once the world opens back up.

As I reflect, I want to share some drone footage with you from some of our favorite places, to provide another perspective. All pics and videos are courtesy of Influencer (we love you guys! RIP drone.) Keep a look out for Gracie Girl, who is featured prominently! Enjoy!









-Kristen Pankratz
First mate, Amazing Grace

TLDR: Everyone needs a friend with a drone.

4 thoughts on “OH! THE PLACES WE’VE BEEN

  1. You are incredible! Your journey is incredible! The places you’ve been and the things you have done we have witnessed and enjoyed them along with you. Thank you for this amazing voyage!! Safe travels home!!

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  2. Kristen, you have done a magnificent job of chronicling your incredible journey on Amazing Grace!! Every post has been special; your writing and the photos have been spectacular! Thanks so much for taking us along on the journey. Travel safely back to the USA!

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